Climateball comes with its own wordology. Since it is played on the Internet, it also can be used with Internet vernacular. Here’s a short list of words that you may find in this website and on Climateball fields.

Freedom Fighters. – The name should say it all. Here’s a post on why I chose it.

Galloping. – Going from one talking point to the next very, very fast. Orally, the technique makes sense; online, where everything one writes remains for eternity, it makes less sense.

Hippie Punching – To use a progressive scapegoat to ridicule the left in general.

Just Asking Questions. –

Peddling – Using someone else’s claim to peddle one’s own pet topic. See Peddling.

Sammich – Overly aggressive request. Based on Make Me a Sammich.

SCIENCE ™ – The bragging right of being a scientist without showing any real research.

Sealion, Sealioning –

Shadowboxing – Throwing jab after jab at an imaginary opponent.

Sky Dragon – Someone who denies the Tyndall Gas Effect.

Troglodyte – My favorite Flame Warrior character.