“But Nukes”

The One Solution that fits very little situations.


[MAARTEN] If you’re worried about the climate and against nuclear, you’re not really worried about the climate. You can’t (rationally) be both.

[JOSH] You can stop/slow climate change or you can refuse nuclear power, but you can’t do both!

Objections and Replies

(Single) Nuclear is the only solution. –
Reply. Seeing a single technology as the one true solution to climate change is a trap (Zeke). Each regions have specific solutions. Basic geography.


{Hippies} Often used to punch hippies: but renewables, but green, but greenpeace, but XR, etc.

{Risks} There are indeed risks:

Two years into my term, an earthquake and tsunami destroyed four nuclear reactors in Japan. I spent months reassuring the American public that nuclear energy, and the U.S. nuclear industry in particular, was safe. But by then, I was starting to doubt those claims myself [Gregory Jaczko].