“But Word Change”

This square is an instance of the #ButSemantics move. It leads to a contrarian dead end. One reason why the expression “Global Warming” changed to “Climate Change” is the Luntz memo. Read the Luntz memo. Read it to contrarians. Prepare for them to try another square.


Hope they start with the falsified Global Water Temperatures that lead to the ”climate change” (formerly anthropogenic global warming) fear mongering and pyramid profit schemes of “carbon credits”.


Remember when “Climate Change” was a thing? Good times.


Objections and Replies

Agenda 21. They changed to “Climate change“ because of a big plan to—☞ That’s a suggestion from the Luntz Memo. Oldest was Climatic Change.

Crisis. “Global warming” has now been renamed “climate crisis”
☞ Not really. The first refers to AGW. The second refers to its consequences. In other words, you are rehearsing #ButCAGW using other words.

Euphemism. Using “Climate change” is code word for—
☞ That idea does not cohere with #ButCAGW.

Who? But we don’t know if Frank—
☞ Frank Luntz was Dubya’s advisor.