“But TechnoFix”

Let’s posit a simple solution to AGW.


[DAVID] Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children. No, give birth to a brilliant scientist/inventor.

[ELON] Am donating $100M towards a prize for best carbon capture technology.

[ROKO] The most important thing we can do against climate change is start working heavily on #GeoEngineering Yet I don’t see anyone talking about that.

[VICTOR] AI can tackle the climate emergency – if developed responsibly.

Objections and Replies

Reply. Anything can solve anything in general. It’s a trivial claim.


(Best) The best carbon capture technology is—
Reply. Not to dump carbon in the atmosphere in the first place. The second best is to work with nature.

(Neo) Social change is brought by people—
Reply. We are still science. I don’t believe in messiahs.


{No Silver Bullet} There is no silver bullet.

{Weapon} We will need all the weapons we can get.


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