“But Some Scare”

Someone, somewhere sometimes says something worrying. If what we’re doing is unprecedented and has extremely long-term consequences, there’s little to be gained in trying to wonder what ifs in the end we lived in the best possible world. The relevant question should contain what ifs we don’t.


Supernovae, Meteor impacts, Earthquakes and Massive volcanic eruptions are non-linear. Doubling CO2 un the atmosphere isn’t.


Objections and Replies

Acid Rain.

Linear. Our impact on the climate is linear, therefore
☞ The climate system is non-linear, however, and doubling CO2 has a larger impact on forcing than Milankovich cycles (H/T Very Tall).

We might have dodged a bullet.

Remarkable. No idea why 1.3C per century is remarkable
☞ I can think of at least two reasons why. You don’t think in term of speed. You think there is a conspiracy to remove your individual rights.



Further Readings

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