“But Scapegoat”

To scapegoat is at least as old as Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: pick the target. Freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. It is of course older than that.

At the end of the day, the people to whom one refers matters little. The only thing that matters is that contrarian frames and memes get repeated by Climateball players. Including by those who should know better than to amplify one’s opponent’s frames and memes. The Serengeti strategy is harder when one can find tons of sources that corroborate our contrarians’ favorite scapegoats.

Objections and Replies

Al Gore. Regarding hijacking good causes for benefit, I bet Al Gore—
☞ Al is as fat as irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. An Inconvenient Truth is on the whole consistent with the scientific evidence. He got some details wrong, par for the vulgarization course {1}.

China. China who are financing this agenda to destroy the West—
☞ #ButChina has its own page.

Greta. Greta and her ilk are predicting the end of the world—
☞ Greta only asks that we listen to scientists. Also, please get help.

Jim. Hansen is an activist and an alarmist who has been proven—
☞ Jim is a life-long Republican who stood for what he believes is right. For #ButActivism and #ButAlarmism, please see the respective squares. See also #ButPredictions to see how his models fare.

Leftists. Almost all leftists trust other leftists (most government off—
☞ More than 97% of the world population is leftist according to troglodytes.

Mike. Mann in particular felt that the Nobel prize was rightly his. After all, it—
☞ I don’t see eye to eye with the most popular Mike of Climateball. However, his point Serengeti strategy has merit, and I thank him for being the perfect contrarian honeypot. It helps skim those who lack skillz.

SkS. John posted images of himself in Nazi regalia and homoerotic—
☞ Brave Brandon still claims he has not stolen anything, and John still maintains a good list of silly contrarian arguments. Making the Bingo means your point does not even count as an argument proper: well done!

XR. What do you think about Extinction Rebellion—
☞ No strong opinion. Hippies get punched all the time {2}. Even MikeM does it.


{1} Lost in translation. As a contrarian think tank talking head puts it: translations are necessarily inaccurate. Scientific language says something that ordinary language cannot say. But this is how knowledge moves from the expert to the non expert.

{2} Hippie punching. How does punching nihilistic hippies help in building and being a community with one another? No need to punch down or to reinforce Freedom Fighters memes.

* * *

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2015-01; The Serengeti strategy: How special interests try to intimidate scientists, and how best to fight back; https://doi.org/10.1177/0096340214563674

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