“But Religion”

A fringe move in the Climateball Bingo. Related to #ButBias via mind probes: bigotry, cult, dogma, fundamentalism, mass hysteria, zealotry, etc. Related to #ButPredictions when alluding to prophecy or doom, and to #ButDebateMe with appeals to censorship or mobbing: Salem, heresy, Luther, etc.

Hints that religion is suboptimal or that religiosity is extraneous to the human experience. Every single activity can look like a religion. All one needs are symbols, institutions, and rituals. Everything is like a religion except religion, which is like a language game.


One Religion Is Enough.

(The Honorable John)

Global warming has become a new religion.

(Ivar the Terrible)

Objections and Replies

Belief. Talk of belief shows it’s a religious test around the Climate Cult
☞ Alternatively, belief expresses an attitude we have regarding stuff, and knowledge can be characterized as justified, true belief.

Civilization. I must make a last stand to save Western Civilization
☞ Try not to create a Crusade 5.0 while you do, shiny Armored One.

Cult. Climate scientists form a cult
☞ A cult entertains unusual beliefs. AGW is not unusual. One could argue that contrarians indulge in a cargo cult when they play Climateball while pretending to do science.

Dogma. The science has been overtaken by dogma
☞ Citation needed.

Heretic. If the IPCC is dogma, then count me in as a heretic
☞ You’re no less than Galileo

Likeness. The AGW war has all the overtones of a Holy war
☞ From the hammer perspective, everything looks like a nail. From MC Hammer’s perspective, nothing can be touched. From all the hammers perspectives I know, everything is a nail one can’t touch.

Orthodoxy. Experience teaches us where absolute orthodoxies lead
☞ Decades of atheist intransigence did worse. Nature still bats last, and without a livable environment, few other problems matter.

Prophet. What about this prophet of doom
☞ You’re begging #ButCAGW. See also #ButPredictions.

Unproven. The terrible beauty of essentially unprovable religious beliefs
☞ You mean, like the speed of light?