“But Religion”

A fringe move in the Climateball Bingo. Related to #ButBias. Every single activity can look like one. All one needs are symbols, institutions, and rituals. Everything is like a religion except religion, which is like a language game.

The efficacy of the move rests on the idea that religion is suboptimal or that religiosity is extraneous to the human experience. The square can be used to whine about confrontation: blasphemy, creed, heresy, holiness, persecution, stigma, etc. However, the religious vocabulary has seeped in common usage: pontification, ex cathedra, etc.


One Religion Is Enough.

(The Honorable John)

If the IPCC is dogma, then count me in as a heretic {1}.

(Judge Judy)

Objections and Replies

Belief. Talk of belief shows it’s a religious test around the Climate Cult—
☞ Alternatively, belief expresses an attitude we have regarding stuff, and knowledge can be characterized as justified, true belief.

Civilization. I must make a last stand to save Western Civilization—
☞ Try not to create a Crusade 5.0 while you do, shiny Armored One.

Cult. Climate scientists form a cult—
☞ A cult entertains unusual beliefs. AGW is not unusual. One could argue that contrarians indulge in a cargo cult when they play Climateball while pretending to do science.

Dogma. The science has been overtaken by dogma—
☞ Citation needed.

Likeness. The AGW war has all the overtones of a religious war
☞ From the hammer perspective, everything looks like a nail. From MC Hammer’s perspective, nothing can be touched. From all the hammers perspectives I know, everything is a nail one can’t touch {2}.

Orthodoxy. Experience teaches us where absolute orthodoxies lead—
☞ Decades of atheist intransigence did worse. Nature still bats last, and without a livable environment, few other problems matter.

Prophet. What about this prophet of doom—
☞ You’re begging #ButCAGW.

Unproven. The terrible beauty of essentially unprovable religious beliefs—
☞ You mean, like the speed of light?


{1} Censorship. One variant of #ButReligion hints at censorship or mobbing: Salem, heresy, Luther, etc. The most famous form is of course #ButGalileo.

{} Millenarism. The square can appeal to #ButPredictions, e.g. prophecy, doom, etc.

{} Spychology. The square can offers a mind probe: bigotry, cult, dogma, fundamentalism, mass hysteria, zealotry, etc.