Because the truth is out there.


[FACEBERG] “Climate change” is being used as a psyop in order to get sovereign governments to enter into a “state of climate emergency” freeing up access to $90+ trillion of public funds, contributing to blended finance model in which taxpayer money is used to de-risk corporate investments.

[GUNNER] Stopping people from setting fires in order to push climate change agendas in the first place, might be a great place to start.

[TUCKER] In the hands of Democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky. You can’t see it, but rest assured it’s everywhere and it’s deadly. And, like systemic racism, it is your fault.

Objections and Replies

(Chemtrails) What about chemtrails
Reply. No idea. What about them?

(Confirmation) See? I was right all along to see a conspiracy
Reply. Retrodiction is the best way to create a self-fulfilling {prophecy}.

(Mind Control) Manufacturing a climate crisis is meant to control
Reply. The best way to control minds is to create contrarian {echo chambers}.

(Explicit) They explicitly state that their goal is to redistribute wealth—
Reply. That’s what governments do.

(Hidden) There is a hidden agenda—
Reply. Yet you see it. What’s up with {institutional delay} or ?

Reply. There is a square for #ButGovernment.

(War on Terror) The threat of AGW is no more “real” than the war on terr—
Reply. AGW carries risks. These risks appear to be substantial. Minimizing these risks while we search for a better world just makes sense. But you’re right: what if we created a better world and all this was just a hoax?


{Conspiracy ideation} AGW attracts conspirational thinking.

{Echo chambers} Reactionary forces have a tangible influence on policy.

{Exxon Knew} We now know that Exxon knew about AGW in the 80s, and still manufactured dissent.

{Institutional delay} PSYOPs fans usally shy away from evidence of institutional delay.

{Prophecy} When the exchange reached self-fulfilling prophecies, get them to vent and wind down. Show empathy. Only connect. Still, stand your ground. Put your own limits. Tell your story. Show science.

{Sense} PSYOPs make too much sense. Everything can be explained with that kind of it can make sense of just about anything.

{Truth model} Those who fall for conspiracy ideation cling to a model where Truth reveals itself once and for all, instead of accepting that positive knowledge is gained first and foremost by consilience of fragmentary evidence.

* * *


The Climate Investigation Center monitors the manufacture of dissent.

Exxon Knew, a group promoting the #Exxonknew tag and demanding accountability.

The Fossil Fuel Industry Documents archive has receipts: click on “Climate Files.”


2019-10. Echo chambers in climate science.

2017-09. Climate Change Conspiracy Theories.

2015-10. Exxon Knew about Climate Change almost 40 years ago.

2013-12. Institutionalizing delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations. [Free version here.]

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