“But Politics”


Recipe for disaster: Thinking Politicians and Lawyers can “manage” complex natural systems such as the climate


It is not climate change. It is the effect of decades of Democratic mis-management


Objections and Replies

Academia. Just looks like grand poobahs defending their poobah fiefs.
☞ Everywhere there’s a scientific field, there’s a poobah. If there are poobahs everywhere humans gather around to study something, chances are that asking that there be less poobahs amounts to an impossible demand.

Ban. I don’t see how the lights can be kept on if we ban fossil fuels
☞ The Paris Agreement is far from a ban. The endgame is to get to net zero, but first we need stop burning fossil fuels like there’s no tomorrow.

Government. It is the government that is the problem
☞ It is rather the dumping GHGs into the atmosphere that is the problem, and 100 companies are responsible for of more than 70 per cent of it.

Hockey Stick. That pesky little hockey stick that advertised the Charney
☞ The Charney Report was written in 1979; it contains no graph.

IPCC Mandate. The IPCC has no mandate to investigate anything else than
☞ Have you checked? Here’s one old chapter on atmospheric chemistry.

Left/Right. AGW is obviously a left/right issue
☞ Nature bats is an ambidextrous hitter and it bats last.

Lysenko. Bad science is political
☞ Science has always been political, including successful ones. It still is the best tool we got to tackle the AGW problem. Solutions will require political will.

Politicians. Politicians are science dummies
Margaret worked as a research chemist before becoming a barrister. Angela was also a chemist. Anyone who things politicians are dumb should try to sustain their week load for a month.

Politizing. politicization interferes with addressing things
☞ Hard not to politicize AGW when it requires a political solution.

Humans will remain political animals for a while.


{} Cheap. Advertizing one’s position is the cheapest form of political action.

{} Conservative. Many climate scientists are lifelong Rs. Scientific institutions tend to be conservative. Nothing really prevents anyone from promoting more conservative solutions.



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