“But Hypocrisy”

Nothing worse than double standards. Scientists ought to lead by example. At least those who seek to lead should. That’s the whole damn point of leadership. If climate leaders still refuse to reduce their footprints, they risk selling themselves into irrelevancy.

For specific accusations like But Renewables and But Nukes, see their respective pages.


Interesting to watch how media lauds the “liberal Pope” when it comes to anti capitalism/climate, but avoids issues they oppose


…and flying on private planes to climate-change conferences.


Objections and Replies

Adapt. We talk about mitigation when we fail to adapt
☞ Tell me about it. The year Mobil Oil was busy saying that the science was not settled, it was building platforms that adapted to incoming sea level and temperature rises.

By Your Logic. You should be refusing to heat your house
☞ Then you must buy the biggest and meanest pick-up and turn it into roiling coal machine {}, must you?

Cities. To keep living in cities isn’t coherent with the belief in AGW
☞ On the contrary, better land-use management will be needed. Let’s rewild!

Conferences. Scientists fly to exotic places to meet
☞ We all should fly less {1}. CO2 production can be offset. The new norm post pandemic is to confer online.

Grants. Scientists should acknowledge that there are grants behind
☞ They do. It is part of their obligations. If scientists were only in it for the gold, they’d work in industry.

Habits. Those who want to save the planet have habits that destroy
☞ Those who seek to destroy the planet are at least being consistent when they spread inactivism online. But are they really inactivist when they do?

Jet Set. Celebrities are only virtue signaling
☞ Right on. Take Rupert Murdoch: News Corp has spent the past 15 years mitigating its own climate risk while giving media outlets like Fox News carte blanche to deny climate change altogether.

Mansions. Some people who lament AGW buy ocean-view mansions—
☞ When insurers will refuse to cover their property, that might change. Meanwhile, let’s bear in mind that AGW is a collective action problem.


{1} Symbols Matter. The effort of the scientific community in reducing its footprint is mostly symbolic. In a PR venture, symbols matter.

* * *


2010-05; Industry vs. scientists – who profits from climate disruption?; BrianA throws in some numbers.

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