“But Denier”

Victim bullying never gets old.


Some of the most active name callers (folks who love the “D” word) ironically are some of the least informed and the most dramatic stretchers of the truth.

(Cliff, signaling his virtue)

It’s amazing how many of those labeling skeptics of “settled science” doctrine “climate change deniers” are themselves economics deniers.

(Per, a Mises freak)

Objections and Replies

Agree. Practically all of them agree CO2 is causing warming
☞ You’re missing the A in AGW {1}. Minimizing the A is not far from pure denial.

Climate. Who the hell denies climate
☞ Climate denial implies denying some part of climate science so well established that the best explanation for that behavior is denial.

Credible. Anyone who says the D word isn’t credible
☞ Tell that to Fred. Most of the times credibility isn’t related to tone, dear Hall Monitor.

Labeling. Using labels is juvenile and demonizing
☞ Humans communicate using categories. Labeling is here to stay. Take “juvenile” for instance: what is being conveyed by it is quite clear and useful.

Nazism. The D word connotes Holocaust denial
☞ The first usage referred to atheists and materialists. “Climate science denial” has followed “AIDS denial” in the timeline.

Not all Denial. Maybe a little science denial would be in order
☞ Maybe a little less concern trolling from those who should know better would be in order too. Lots of theories.

Self-label. I prefer another epithet, like “dissenter”
☞ Good for you. To me you still are a contrarian {2}.

Unscientific. Scientists don’t use the D-word
☞ There’s lots of research on denialism and its promotion by megaphones {3}.

Witch Hunt. Preparing a great witch hunt is the next big step
☞ Holy slippery slope, Batman!


{1} A in AGW. — Contrarians raise concerns about the anthropogenic contribution over Global Warming, either directly by outright denial or indirectly by minimization.

{2} Contrarian. — I prefer “contrarian.” Never had any real fight over it.

{3} Megaphones. — Contrarians maintain their own outlets to peddle disinformation about climate.


The Contrarian Matrix lists the main ways to undermine the A in AGW.

The Pillars of Climate Change Denial offers another model of the matrix.

Global Warming Disinformation Database, Desmog maintains a series of profiles and individuals invested in contrarian megaphones.

* * *

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