“But China”

This square needs only involve one word – China. Sometimes that’s all there is to it. No appeal, no nothing. Just China. This page also applies to “but India.” Any other country would do {1}.


If climate change is an existential threat do you support crippling economic sanctions and/or military strikes on China?


Climate is a dead issue. China and India and N Korea brought us all over the line. We need to work on survivability.


Objections and Replies

BAU. China is allowed to do business as usual
☞ Incorrect. China has pledges and targets. One may argue they’re insufficient, however. This may not imply what you make it imply.

Empire. China can do anything, nobody can stop the empire
☞ Are you praying for a One World Government Force, by any chance?

Most emission. China which emits most CO2 emission on the world
☞ It actually emits 30% of the emissions. Meanwhile 40 countries emit more per capita. For instance, a Murican citizen emits twice as much as a Chinese.

No plan. China has no plan to reduce
☞ False. Its 14th Five-Pear Plan has set legally binding targets to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

Polluters. Start with the biggest polluters first
☞ Behind your computer, you consume more energy than the average person on this planet. Also, bear in mind the average American uses three times as much energy as someone in China.

Small. My country is small and has zero impact
☞ Every molecule counts. Every effort helps more effort. We are all in this together.


{1} Otters. Playful but mercurial creatures that has become a meme based on a pun with “other.” Othering is uncool. Don’t do it.

{} Deaths. Air pollution from fossil fuel kills millions of people each year. There is an incentive to move away from it besides AGW.

{} Tangible. When facing a claim about ineffective solutions, ask for tangible suggestions to improve our current international pickle.

{} Together. There are merits in watching for the alpha, but that does not preclude from being in it all together.


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