“But Emails”

Every road leads to what has been said in some email. There is no need to fear this Bingo square anymore. Most details are mishandled by those who appeal to them. Contrarians who whine about the tenor of the CG emails {1} don’t seem to realize that we can find worse daily between scientists on social media. We’re social animals. Status competition is here to stay.

Insist to have the source. (A number suffices.) Read the emails in full, right to the end, including the quotes. (Like this one.) Show that they say publicly what they said in emails. So far this always worked.


The messages, sent between some of the world’s most prominent climatologists revealed an extraordinary array of malpractice, with scientists manipulating data, breaching freedom of information laws and trying to crush dissenting views.

(Our Beloved Bishop)

We describe [CG] as a cosmopolitan moment in the public life of science: an opportunity to forge a public culture comfortable with the epistemic diversity and ambiguity inherent to climate change, and yet a culture that can also reason together in the public good

(Sujata & Warren)

Objections and Replies

Asshats. Scientists are asshats—
What else is new. Do you have a point? Here would be mine: contrarians who whine about asshattitude ought to go first.

Decline. They hid the Decline
Not really. The Auditor, however, hid that he had the Yamal data all along.

Censorship. They spoke of going to town
You mean, peer-review.

Perfect. Please send me your email and DM archives. Thanks!

Keith. Briffa was a true scientist and said the last millenium was unprece
☞ You are quoting from CG III, a batch that has yet to be made public by its custodians, and you forgot to cite your contrarian source. Keith also said (in 0653) I believe current interpretations of the body of evidence is generally reasonable, and it is justified to conclude that 20th century warmth is likely to be unprecedented , even over the last 1000 years, given the evidence currently to hand.

Postnormal. Scientists attempted to do normal science in a post-normal
Science has never been normal in the first place.

Read. Read the emails!
I did. Boring. My favorite are the ones by MikeH. His “champion” theory would deserve due diligence. Email number or it does not exist.

Shift. CG played a role in how climate science is conducted, how the climate debate is framed and how climate policy is being formed
☞ It’s as if MikeH had a champion {2} who helped materialize his wishful thinking.

Tom. An email shows that Tom Wigley was dissatisfied with CRU
☞ Fred forgot that Tom’s email was written three weeks before their response.

Whistleblower. The whistleblower
The Miracle Worker ceded the right to become a whistleblower. He set up a Bitcoin account during CGIII – the Return of the Miracle Worker, but somehow the whole ordeal lost a lot of steam by then.

Worried. Researchers have admitted being worried
Funny how you chop the quote before “I do not think that it is a problem.”


{1} Acronym. CG stands for “Climategate.” No need to promote contrarian brands.

{2} Champion. The most obvious winners of the CG episode has been one of its participants: MikeH himself became the Director of the Tyndall Center.

{} MWP. Concerns about emails and the Medieval Warm Period may not cohere, as a higher MWP lowers our climate sensitivity estimates.

{} Switcheroo. The square can be use to peddle #ButData. It can also lead to #ButPSYOP. need to distinguish appeals to CG simpliciter and armwaving using CG. If “but CG” is used to epilogue about data, then the concern should be filed under “but data.” There is no sharp line between the talking points, and I reserve the right to choose which goes where. But

* * *


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