“But Alarmism”

Like #ButCAGW, this square begs the most critical question of all Climateball, i.e. that AGW won’t have any alarming consequences. That we do not know {1}. Unlike #ButCAGW, this square contains a hyperbolic or caricatural epithet that serves as a label. It is therefore incompatible with #ButDenier.


Climate alarmism has declined to record low levels this year.


Agreed that the climate model and ice sheet model results driven by RCP8.5 have been the primary driver of big alarm. However some of the climate alarmism is driven by political activism driven by whatever excuse.


Objections and Replies

Claims. Alarmist claims are—
☞ Show me one, and support your claim it is alarmist {1}.

Concern. Alarmism applies to anyone concerned about climate change—
☞ According to thy Wiki, Alarmism is characterized by “excessive or exaggerated alarm about a real or imagined threat”.

Credibility. Serial reverals of credibility that have arisen from alarmism—
☞ That reversal has yet to be observed in the public perception of scientists or journalists. The evidence therefore indicates that these concerns are alarmist.

Deserving. Those who base dire claims on discredited scenarios are—
☞ To whine about alarmists while using the tagline Humans will use 3,000 Quads by 2075. If they all come from coal we’re ruined is more than disingenuous.

Hat. If the shoe or the hat fits—
☞ One only needs to posit that alarmists are those who are alarmist and one could let go of the need for facts.

Middle Ground. We need to stand between deniers and alarmists—
☞ That false equivalence is an old gambit {3}. It is as silly as comparing Nazis who kill millions with Antifas who smash windows.

Proponents. Alarmist proponents are bad—
☞ To whom are you referring, and how do you know they’re alarmist?

Rhetoric. Alarmist rhetoric is bad—
☞ Citation needed.

Theft. Alarmism is a theft of time—
☞ Beautiful. It does not tell me much, however.


{1} Burden of proof. Saying that a claim is alarmist is easier asserted than proven. As long as claims within the bounds of established viewpoints, the onus is on the contrarian side to refute them.

{} Framing. Ultimately, to whom one refers with a label matters little. The only thing that matters is that contrarian frames and memes get repeated by Climateball players. Including by those who should know better than to amplify one’s opponent’s frames and memes. Under that light, to portray oneself as an alarmist is more than silly.

{3} Luckwarmism.


2020-02; The impact of place and legacy framing on climate action: A lifespan approach; https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0228963

2010-06; Reframing climate change as a public health issue: an exploratory study of public reactions; https://doi.org/10.1186/1471-2458-10-299