“But Accelerate”

Faster, better, stronger.


[AIMÉE] There is no solution to climate change under capitalism. Everything people in power sell you is a heist. They want power. Climate change is a battering ram with which they accumulate it.

[FOLDING] The thing about Global Elites who want to save the world from climate change, is that they don’t want to save everyone else. They want to save the world FOR THEMSELVES. They don’t want to let the chips fall, and try their luck against farmers.

[GARRETT] The earth needs humans to disappear. We should welcome climate change.

[IT IS TIME] If they really believed this weather is an effect of climate change, why aren’t they advocating loud and proud for Zero Population Growth, since we wouldn’t be in a climate crisis if we weren’t at 400% of sustainable human population?

[MAX] Climate migrants are on the move as (man-made) climate change whips the global eco-system into an unpredictable s***show. #Bitcoin is accepted everywhere like Gold, but it’s more portable and unconfiscatable.

Objections and Replies

(Ecoterrorism) Were you serious, you’d be kidnapping CEOs and bombing
Reply. Slow down, cowboy. Violent social change has a very poor track record.

(Green) Were you serious you’d go Green—
Reply. Elections implicate coalitions over a range of issues. Get real.


{Caricature} It’s really hard to take people who would appeal to our eventual inexistence srsly. Beware irony and reductio.

{Not just PsyOp} Appealing to #ButPsyOp presumes some psy-op, whereas an accelerationist arguments invoke a solution that isn’t generalized yet.

{Slogan} The slogan “faster, better, stronger” comes from Daft Punk.