Why We Struggle

Umair Haque suggests why:

Struggle will turn you into you. The you that you were meant to be, at your truest, deepest, noblest. There are great arts in living; and there are small arts. The small arts are the ones we’re taught: time management, communication, discipline, and the like. But the great arts? The great arts are different—not just in impact, but in origin. Empathy, inspiration, courage, wisdom, compassion, honesty, resourcefulness, creativity. These are the things that separate a truly great life from a mediocre one. The paradox is this. The great arts cannot be taught—and yet they must be learned. So how do we master them? When we stand atop our mountains. It is struggle that teaches us how to be ourselves. For the truth is that only you, standing naked, as you truly are, can climb your mountain.

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Published by Willard