The Ghost of Present ClimateBall ™

A guest post on another Climate blog.

...and Then There's Physics

Good news: Stephen G. McIntyre [0], whom I prefer to call “the Auditor” for obvious reasons, has started to “promote” (in a technical sense [1]) the concept of ClimateBall ™. Better yet, he distorts it by labeling an indefinite group of commenters with it; compare and contrast with what he did so many times to those gyrating in the extended circles of the Kyoto Flames [2]. Yet again, the Auditor celebrates the spirit of ClimateBall ™.

Here’s one instance of distortion where AT (hereafter Anders) is implicated:

From time to time, Anders of the ATTP blog has attempted to understand the dispute, but uncritically accepts ClimateBaller doctrine, as for example, his following comment at Brandon’s:

People, however, clearly interpret the results of MM05 as implying that random red noise typically produces hockey sticks, rather than random red noise sometimes (probably quite rarely) produces hockey sticks.

This is completely untrue. MM05…

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